FROM CHILE TO YOUR TABLE - Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Premium Selection: Arbequina

This Monovarietal Arbequina was conceived to enhance every single attribute of each plate. Ideal for cooking on a healthy basis adding the freshest elements from the coast of Chile mixed with a slightly touch of sweetness and accompanied with a moderate spicy, featuring green fruits and herbs making it the perfect complement of every plate belonging to the Mediterranean diet.
Best with: Salads, Cooking & Fried Vegetables

Premium Blend

Premium Blend was carefully elaborated by blending a wide variety of selected olives to obtain a fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil with an appealing presence of fresh green apples and a delicate touch of sweet almonds. Premium Blend helps you converting a normal plate into an exquisite meal. Excellent for seasoning fish or for enhancing the taste of pasta, this “Liquid Gold” will never let you down.
Best with: Pasta, Fish & Risotto

Limited Edition

This superb Extra Virgin Olive Oil was made with selected olives in a limited quantity. The result is an aromatic and elegant medium intensity olive oil with herbal notes and a very pleasant taste of tomatoes. A gift from god for every seeker of perfection. Limited Edition makes an extraordinary contribution to any strong or spicy plate, either fish or meat, sea food or pasta, this element from paradise stands out from everywhere.
Best with: Fish, Meat & Spicy Food


Because of Chile´s unique geography with big natural boundaries (The most arid Desert on the North, the Pacific Ocean on the West, The Andean range on the East and the Glaciers on the South) we can reach excellent phitosanitary conditions free of any plagues and diseases. Well defined seasons during the year, with rains during winter and hot, dry and sunny summers, give us a perfect environment for the appropriate ripening of the fruit and therefore the very first of the year and highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the world.


Obtained by cold extraction, with an extraordinary low level of acidity below 0.2%, following the most modern agricultural methods and assessed by an Italian ”Assagiador”, Aura is a tribute to the ancestral character of Olive Oil and its cultural legacy. An oil that due to its quality attributes, represents the superior vision of Olive Oil in its highest dimension. Aura Olive Oil was born with a transcendental aspiration, and each of its oils expresses the cult to purity and perfection.

Health and Benefits

The consumption of 25grs of Extra Virgin Olive Oil per day contributes with 50% of the dairy recommended amount of Vitamin E for men and 62.5% for women. Furthermore is rich in Vitamin A, D, F and K.

Other benefits:

  • Reduces the LDL (bad) Cholesterol
  • Reduces the arterial pressure and other heart diseases
  • Helps to prevent Arteriosclerosis
  • Helps to protect from different types of Cancer
  • Has a beneficial effect on ulcers and gastritis